Jennifer Peavey


Natural Reflectors

Natural Reflectors explores the idea of how can we instill in our actions a mindset of intentional reflection taken from the power of nature’s cycles. We can look to nature for inspiration, but like any other new challenge, creating your own process can feel awkward. With practice, we can make it our approach to everything. We can shift our mindset, play the long game, and become natural reflectors.

Being open to change

Am I focusing on how well I followed the plan or how great the outcome could be?

I am a human being

No matter where you are from there are just characteristics that are just part of being human.

Intention is a choice

I want to experience life versus having it all flash before me.

Artist’s Statement

Life can be complex even in the best of times and in the details of the complexity, the beauty of bigger picture can be lost. While each person’s experience is unique, there are similarities, like relationships, pain and happiness. Discovering those similarities often can bring one hope and help one to see how layers of experience ultimately create a beautiful life.

Each piece of my thread art creates a unique form from layers of intricate geometric patterns. Move in closer to look at the details and maybe even follow the path of a thread or two. Move further away to realize the essence of the work.

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